IN-BETWEENERS is coming! Starring Trey Hock and Rhiannon Birdsall with Cinematography by Chris Durr. Check out these preview stills. More info coming soon!

Gwen (Rhiannon Birdsall) sits at an audition, Shot by Chris Durr.


"Thinking Spongebob Doodle" (2012)

SPONGEBOB TRY OUTS! (Walking the streets of Bikini Bottom)

This summer I’ve been in serious production mode – applying for writer’s labs, workshops, and teaching positions.  One submission I pursued was the NBC’s Writer’s on the Verge program in Universal City, CA.  This program is geared toward aspiring writers who are looking to build a career in television writing with the goal of pitching and running their own television series. Exciting stuff!

Requirements besides the usual resume, cover letter, and bio (easy enough) included a spec script based on an existing television show that was on during the 2010-2011 season.

Could I write for MAD MEN?  The task seemed difficult in the time-frame, more research than writing.  And my script idea, Don Draper time-travelling  to the 90′s to meet his older Republican, Bob Dole-voting self,  didn’t seem appropriate for the show.

THE GOOD WIFE – did I have the wit or legalese for this show? Maybe a soap-opera! I do love the idea of writing episodes filled with back-stabbing and sordid love affairs but after watching a weeks worth of soaps I realized the format was too slow and continuity-driven for my taste.

Then it suddenly dawned on me.  SPONGEBOB! 

He is a perfectly malleable character; adventurous, silly, driven, obessive, and unrelentingly enthusiastic. Like a sponge, he was pliable enough to fit an infinite array of plots.

Since Spongebob episodes are generally broken into two 10-11 minute episodes I submitted a spec script with two stories.

  • POP ART  -  Spongebob dreams of becoming a famous bubble-blowing artist but must defeat his idol, the very serious World Champion bubble-blower, ESTOBAN.


"Captain Freedom" Comic within The LEFTOVERS. Chris was going for a Rob Liefeld influenced look.

I am still currently working on the web-series. However in the meantime check out a 10-page preview of The Leftovers, a super-hero science-fiction comic created by Chris Garrett (indie-comic-artist-extraordinaire!) and myself. John Jorgenson, a Kansan immigrant, faces the bureaucratic challenges of working as a super-hero-for-hire in the deregulated metropolis of Dubai. Influenced by Alan Moore's Top Ten and Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL, The Leftovers presents an over-populated  world filled with super-heroic action and satire. Check out The Leftovers below the synopsis! (Chris, the amazing artist he is, added a cameo by the late-great master-cartoonist Moebius. Can you spot him?)

IN-BETWEENERS EP. 1 (2012-13)

In-Betweeners is an upcoming web-series I am producing and writing starring Trey Hock and Rhiannon Birdsall.  Expect beautiful images and a mystery that is both mundane and epic in origin. Here are some exciting production images (you know the good stuff!). Cinematography by Joesph Fuller. Costume by Rachel Rolon.  Sketches by Chris Garrett.

Costume design by Chris Garrett

Forever People Wins National Arts Award!

Forever People was selected in Americans for the Arts 2011 Public Art Network Year in Review

Forever People was selected in Americans for the Arts 2011 Public Art Network Year in Review


Kansas City based artist Ascot Smith was recognized by Americans for the Arts for his project titled  Forever People.  It was named in the Top 50 Best Public Art of 2010.  Notable award winners from previous years include Yoko Ono (2007), Jenny Holzer (2008), Barbara Kruger (2009), Cindy Sherman (2009), and the late Louise Bourgeois (2008).

The announcement was delivered on June 16, during the Americans of Arts 2011 Public Art Network Year in Review, in San Diego.  Forever People was one of 47 artworks selected from 430 competitors nationwide.  Americans for the Arts is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization advancing the arts in America. Their Public Art Network Year in Review is the only national program that specifically recognizes public art projects.  For a list of the Recognized Public Art Projects:



Come see a live reading of Forever People followed by a Q&A!

To RSVP, please visit the Kansas City Public Library Event Page.

Date: Friday, November 12, 2010
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: Downtown Central Public Library
14 West 10th Street, KCMO

Local artists Porter Arneill and Ascot Smith discuss the state of public art in Kansas City as well as Smith’s Forever People, the most recent addition to Kansas City’s ARTwall, the custom-designed billboard that exhibits super-sized contemporary art at 13th and Grand streets.

A script-in-hand performance of Forever People follows. The story is set in the year 2200. A nameless couple sends recorded messages into the past hoping to prevent a dystopian future. The two begin to confess their struggles with sustaining a relationship amid holographic love affairs and android rivalries. Smith is a writer as well as a multimedia artist.